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Whether it’s keeping up with trends or discussing some other topic, our firm is dedicated to providing sound information to our clients. Along the way, we like to have some fun, too. If any of the events below look interesting, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to add you to our guest list.

Upcoming Events

April 23, 2024

11:00a - 11:45a

Virtual Event


Protecting Those Who Matter Most

Life insurance has the potential to offer protection at a crucial time for those who matter the most to us. Life insurance needs are different at different times in life. During working years, life insurance may be able to help your loved ones avoid drastic changes in lifestyle in the event of your passing. During retirement, life insurance can be positioned to offer additional tax, retirement and estate benefits.

Past Events

March 12, 2024

11:00a - 11:45a

Virtual Event

Retirement Income Strategies

Ready to retire? The "decumulation" phase and your retirement income strategy involve complex decisions that can determine whether or not you are able to enjoy a successful retirement.

February 13, 2024

11:00a - 11:45a

Virtual Event

Estate Matters: Principles of Preserving Wealth

Learn about estate management objectives, critical estate management documents, estate taxes and how trusts work!

January 23, 2024

11:00a - 11:45a

Virtual Event

Secure Act 2.0 - Unleashed!

Join us to learn about a number of overlooked aspects of the SECURE Act 2.0 that may be beneficial to you and your employees. We'll also cover additional pending legislation and present a case study for using a retirement plan as a tax strategy.

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