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Is Your Current Insurance the Right Fit for You?

Is Your Current Insurance the Right Fit for You?

September 09, 2021

Insurance Should Serve You

Insurance coverage changes from provider to provider and plan to plan, as well as from person to person. There will likely be times when you’re paying for insurance that you're not using. Even if that’s the case, it’s still necessary to continue paying for your insurance in case something happens and you do need it.

What does your insurance cover?

When you're choosing providers and plans, you should have access to resources that spell out your insurance coverage and what you’re responsible for paying. This information is generally under the umbrella of Your Benefits or Summary of Coverage.

If you didn’t get this information or lost it in the shuffle of enrolling, it should also be available to you through your provider’s website.

Or, if you have questions about what your insurance covers and what it doesn't, call your provider. They can tell you what doctors are in your network and what your plan covers.

Does your insurance cover your needs?

Most insurance plans don’t cover everything, and just having insurance doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for any medical expenses. Even the best plans from the best providers won’t keep you from having to pay some medical bills.

But if you’re finding yourself paying more and more out of pocket, it could be time to start researching new providers and/or plans. With more information in mind, when open enrollment comes around, you’re ready to make a smart decision.

The answer to getting more coverage could be as easy as switching plans, or it may be the right decision for you to find a new provider.

There are some procedures and expenses that insurance usually doesn’t cover. These include:

  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Fertility treatments
  • Off-label prescriptions
  • New technology in products or services
  • Non-FDA approved procedures

Find the insurance plan that works for you and provides the right ratio of coverage to payment.