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Investment Management

The Unified Program is a unique solution that pairs the sophistication and flexibility of being invested in multiple portfolios with the simplicity and cost savings of having just one account.  With the Unified Program, I can create a portfolio of exceptional breadth and customization, but also remarkable transparency and efficiency.

As with all portfolios we create together, a Unified portfolio starts with creating a strategy based on an understanding of your financial needs and plans for the future.  With that in mind, I have the freedom of creating your portfolio from multiple "sleeves," drawing on any combination of approved investment vehicles, programs and strategies, including some typically only available to institutional investors.  This gives you an abundant level of diversification and customization across a spectrum of asset classes and management styles.

The Unified Program gives me the tools to plan, build and execute a portfolio strategy designed to help you pursue your goals and lead a more enriching life.  It also pairs my personalized financial guidance with the insights of professional investment managers, creating a disciplined, yet flexible, investment process.  As important as the initial portfolio I create will be, it's the ongoing advice that helps ensure your portfolio has end-to-end alignment with where you are today, where you want to go, and any milestones you want to cross along the way.

  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Custom tax management
  • Quarterly rebalancing of investment portfolio
  • Flexible and liquid approaches
  • Active and tactical strategies
  • Manage around existing assets
  • Diversified investment vehicles and use of more products
  • Monitor performance and results versus stated goals