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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

People who set goals and find out what it takes to potentially meet them are more likely to reach their goals or come close.

Financial Planning is Fryar Financial's core service offering that is designed to develop a plan for all of your life's events and bring your future into focus.

We develop a comprehensive, goals based financial plan that focuses on key financial planning topics:

Retirement Planning
Evaluation of retirement savings and desired retirement lifestyle.  Includes multiple “what-if” scenarios, analysis of retirement savings needs, and retirement income planning.

Investment Advice & Management
Evaluation of current investments and expenses, recommended asset allocation, and specific security selection to implement the recommended asset allocation. Includes IRAs, employer sponsored plans, and taxable accounts.

Insurance Planning
Evaluation of life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies’ strengths and weaknesses, followed by a recommendation on how much insurance is needed and the most advantageous type of insurance product for you.  Includes analysis of needs for your family if one were to die, become disabled or require long-term care.

Education Planning
Review of college costs at desired institutions, projected inflation, recommended savings amounts; recommended tax-advantaged savings methods, financial aid and loan options; investment recommendations for college savings funds.

Cash Flow, Budgeting, & Debt Reduction
Review of current income, debts, monthly spending, fixed expenses, and savings goals; evaluation of how your spending and saving patterns contribute to or hinder attainment of your financial goals.  Includes recommendations on debt reduction, suggested adjustments to spending and savings levels, and a discussion of how to implement these changes.

Estate Planning
Various reviews and recommendations to help: maximize wealth transfer and minimize estate taxes; minimize probate expenses, delays and publicity. Recommendations for management of family assets to meet individual circumstances.

Financial Planning Engagements

Hourly Model. 

Fryar Financial's fees are based on the actual time involved in preparing a comprehensive plan to include meeting with you in person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your current situation, and finally, preparing a plan with recommendations.  We will provide an estimate of fees at the end of your initial consultation once your specific needs have been fully identified.

Basic Financial Plan.

Our basic plan focuses on retirement planning and family risk management.  Our services include retirement savings planning, target asset allocation, cash flow and debt analysis and a review of basic insurance needs.

Custom Financial Plan - Retirement Planning and Portfolio Analysis

Along with the elements of our basic plan, this engagement provides a solid foundation for your retirement and a thorough review of your investment portfolio.  We evaluate your desired retirement lifestyle and current retirement savings to answer the question, "Am I on track to reach my goals"? By reviewing your acceptable and ideal scenarios, we are able to include multiple "what-if" scenarios, analyze retirement savings needs and provide retirement income planning.  We will review your employer sponsored retirement plan, IRAs and taxable accounts to evaluate your portfolio and fund expenses as well as your asset allocation strategy.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Our comprehensive plan encompasses all of the services outlined in our Comprehensive Financial Planning topics to include: Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Family Risk Management, Education Planning, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Tax Planning and Special Situations.

Periodic Review

Change is inevitable and it can affect our ability to reach our goals — sometimes prompting us to create new ones altogether. This service is intended for returning clients and provides and update and review based on our prior plan.